About us

We believe in power of lifelong learning.

There is unexplored potential for career step up for many because of missing coding and digital skills.

Our values

Teaching practically

Minimum theory and maximum practical.

We strongly believe that IT related skills are best learned by doing, even if that sometimes means trying, failing and repeating.

Homework will keep you engaged between lectures and will help to practice new topics and tooling.

Experienced mentors

Our mentors are not “one lecture ahead” of their students. Our courses are taught by experts with many years of professional but also teaching experience. But most importantly, they have a real passion to teach and share their accumulated knowledge and tips.

There is no such a thing as a stupid question

Our trainings are interactive, in smaller groups and our teachers will always be happy to try to answer all and any of your questions. If they do not know the answer at the moment, they will gladly do a research until the next lecture.

Tailored courses

You are the professionals in your domain and you know best what challenges you face daily at work.

We always use your feedback on how to offer the best possible content for Unlocking your IT potential.

Our team

Tyna Dolezalova

Tyna Dolezalova

Our brain and soul. Founder of Unlock.it. Geospatial Data Scientist with many years of teaching experience.

Our mentors