how to input the unlock code? for the chars P, W and + type the *-key (multiple times), the #-key you'll find on your keypad. just type in the unlock code like you'd type in a phone number.
I have entered
an incorrect
code more than
5 times.
I see the message "cannot undo restriction" or "not allowed" when i enter the code, what now?
If you see any of the above messages then you have entered an incorrect code more than 5 times! When entering unlock codes you only get 5 attempts. There is no free solution to unlock your phone if you have entered the incorrect code to many times. The best advice I can offer is to take your phone to a professional unlocker such as a market trader or small independent retailer. They will use a direct unlock method using either a data cable or clip. These solutions are normally quite expensive to buy and unless you plan to unlock many phones it is not cost effective to purchase these yourself.
nothing happens after i typed in the unlock code. maybe you own a newer modell of Nokia 6230, 6230i, 3220, etc... remove your current SIM-Card and insert the one of the new provider. then type in the Unlock Code as soon as the display shows: "enter restriction code".
what about my
Nokia 6630,6680,etc?
sorry - currently not possible. these are BB5 models and they are useing a currently not know algorithm. also models 1110i, 1112, 1112B, 2610, 2610B are new ASIC 11 type. model 2310 is an Asic 2, but the code algorith was changed also to unknown... is your cell phone online unlocking service!
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