Privacy Policy

Data Protection

Company Information

Processing of the data found on this website is done by Kristyna Dolezalova.

Rights connected to GDRP

User has rights to ask about stored information and to ask for deletion has the right to retrieve ask for their personal information from us. One has also the right to ask for deletion of all gathered information or their edit. Lastly you have the right to ask us to transfer your personal data that we acquired with your permission.

Data Collection

Our server provider gathers all neccessery server data automatically in an anonymized way. With accepting cookies, we additionally collect analytical and marketing cookies.

All information is deleted within 60 days.

Data Aquisition

We only gather data trough contact form or course registration form. These forms include your name, email address, opitonal mobile phone number and address in case of billing information needed for invoice.
We need this information in order to be able to serve your needs, however, we only aquire this information with your consent (so you have the right to choose to contact us and sign up for the course)

You have right to ask for data deletion or control what kind of data we collected.

Duty to inform

In case of an event where we believe that there has been a violation of GDPR we will immidietly inform all neccesary parties of the potential data breach as soon as we became aware of it.

Commitment heritability

We ensure the compliance of any subcontracts, employees or agents to not provide or disclose any of the information they recieve and to use it solely for the purpose of the service they provide.

If you simply would like to ask a question or raise a complain you can contact us at