Advanced Python

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Are you looking for a way how to expand your skills after finishing a beginner course? In this intensive course we will focus on various aspects of Python РAdvanced data structures, concurrency, optimalization, design patterns and many more. 

When is the next course?

Next course starts in second half of March!

Weekly: Tuesday + Thursday 18-20 CET timezone.

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How is the course organized?


In a small group of maximum 15 students in interactive environment with recorded sessions accessible later.


10 weeks with 20 sessions with great lecturers. In total over 40 hours of live content.

Hands on

2 x 2 hours per week. One lesson focused on explaining the problems, second on hands on experience. Available lectors also between sessions.


After each topic, homeworks and exercises to ensure enough practice.


After finishing mandatory requirements a certificate of completion is issued.

How much does it cost?

Price for whole course is 599 EUR

Is this price too much for you at the moment? Let’s talk if we can give you scholarship!
Our goal is also to support (but not only) Women+ on their way to IT and we want to give out some scholarships for those who really need it.

What topics are covered in the course?

Whole course is consisting of larger thematic sections – extending the basic concepts, data structures, optimalization and good coding practices. You will learn following topics:

Part 1

  • How is Python using abstract classes and other tricks from Object oriented programming.
  • Efficient comprehensions and advanced argument passing
  • Using context managers.
  • Data exchange formats.

Part 2

  • Generators and iterators.
  • What are decorators and how they make our life easy?
  • Practice advanced data structures and algorithms like Counter, deque, sorting algorithms and find out what Big-O notation is.

Part 3

  • Find out benefits of type hints.
  • How to use correctly concurrency.
  • Built-in Python packages – datetime, logging and many more.
  • Automatization with GitHub workflows.

Part 4

  • Why and when to use virtual environments.
  • Learn how to bundle your code as a package.
  • Suggested design patterns and principles – how to avoid mistakes in the beginning.

You are not sure if the course is for you?

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Who are your teachers?

Fabian Schindler

Software Engineer at EOX IT Services GmbH


After filling out the registration form, we will reach out to you via email in next days to confirm your spot in the course and send you an invoice.
After receiving the payment, we will send you all the access information and optional preparatory pre-course materials.

10 weeks with 20 lessons in total (dates will be specified)

2×2 hours for sessions together per week. Additionally we highly suggest another few hours (2-6) for homework and practice.

Yes. One of two lectures each week will be hands-on with exercises. Also after each topic, a set of exercises will be available for home self-study.

The course will be taught in English.

Of course! You shall be granted a certificate of completion after completing mandatory requirements:

  1. Attending at least 80% of sessions 
  2. Finishing two projects and their submission

Yes! If you are able to join the a session in the afternoon in CET timezone. Sessions will be recorded for rewatching later.

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