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There has never been better time than now.

What are we doing?

We are organizing tailored online courses on special IT and Digital skills for professionals from various fields.

Our goal is to ensure that our students are comfortable with modern technologies and applying coding to improve and optimize their daily work.

We aim to unlock hidden values of our attendees by offering lectures with no generic content but focused on relevant topics for their area of expertise.


Volumes of data around us are growing rapidly. Manual processes dealing with these data volumes were satisfactory 10 years ago.

Right now data handling tasks are hard even for Microsoft Excel.


When sending an email with a file attached was considered as good approach, cloud based options have swiftly showed us a better way.


Do you want to unlock your further IT journey with us? Explore the current offer of courses with our experienced mentors below.

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Python for Data

Did you always want to learn how to analyze data? Do you already know basics of Python programming? This course is for you!


Are you a cartographer, GIS analyst or just working with any type of spatial data and would like to learn how to automatize it with Python? Apply for our course now!

Advanced Python

Do you know the basics of Python and want to continue learning? Jump into more advanced concepts and practice and improve your coding skills!

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Git and Version control

Do you want to learn how to track and manage changes of your files? Join our shorter course and learn advanced concepts of Version Control with Git.


Topic of your choice

If you do not find a course that you were looking for, let us know and maybe we can make it happen!


We are unlocking IT for you

Our mission is to helping professionals to stay up to date with digital technologies and coding skills. We understand that approaches in many fields changed faster than some of us are comfortable with and it can be hard without a clear path forward or even finding out where to start with the learning process. 


We are not trying to convince you to switch to IT (we will support you if you want of course!) but we want to give you tools and skills needed to advance in your current career.

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